• Why 'Bihar Fraternity'?

    The eastern state of India, Bihar has seen many glorious days in past and today it is facing some challenges of perception. As some bright brains migrated to other parts of India and of the world, it was necessary to build a platform to preserve our common roots, culture, language and tradition alive. Germany not being an English speaking country, did not attract much attention and the expatriate Biharis always felt left out. Using this platform, we make an attempt to bring all the Biharis together in the land of Goethe and Bismark. It started small but with active engagement and small meet-ups, the forum soon took the shape of a full-fledged vibrant organization.

    Journey So Far

    As our Chairman always emphasises "What India is to the World, Bihar is to India; almost identical set of challenges and opportunities." As of today, "Bihar Fraternity" is represented in 70 odd countries. Without an iota of doubt, it has been able to create a positive momentum for Bihar in relatively short span. Now the challenge lies in accelerating it to the next stage. "Bihar Fraternity" executes its development programs and other charity initiatives in India through its nodal agency named Bihari-German Foundation which is registered in Patna (Bihar).