• Chandrakala/ Pedakiya

    Very similar to Gujia, Chandrakala is another heavenly dessert for those with a sweet tooth. 

    Parwal ki Mithai

    Biharis sure seem to have a sweet tooth. 

    Dal Pairhi

    Dal Peetha is the Bihari way to cook dumplings or momos. 


    Rice flour and Jaggery come together to create this beautiful Bihari food dish that is found all year long. 


    To those of you who enjoy a sugar rush a dive into Bihari cuisine will be worth it.


    Khajuria is the most commonly prepared snack of Bihari food


    Stuffed with a spiced sattu filling, a specialty of Bihar.

    Litti Chokha The lip-smacking tas

    The lip-smacking taste of Litti Chokha, savoured by one and all, needs no introduction. 


    Khaja is believed to be a 2000 year old preparation


    Another equally tasty and scrumptious food of Bihar snack