• Raj Mohan

    Cultural Ambassador

    A Geet/Ghazal/Bhajan/Pop singer, composer, songwriter and poet, Mr Raj Mohan is established for the last 3 decades as the finest Sarnámi artist in the Netherlands and Suriname. As a singer and poet in the Sarnámi-Bhojpuri language, he keeps traveling to Suriname, French Guyana, South Africa, Mauritius, India and several European countries to perform. In 2011, Mr Mohan released his first pop album with Sarnami-Bhojuri lyrics together with Hindi songs and poems which was for the first time Surinam Bhojpuri utilized in this contemporary form. 

    Mr Raj Mohan invented the Sarnámi-Bhojpori Geet in the Geet & Ghazal style which appreciated worldwide with his album ‘Kantráki’ (2005). He has released 5 music albums (a bhajan album with Shri Anup Jalota) and 2 books with Sarnami-Bhojpuri poems. His latest album ‘Dui mutthi’ (2013) was released on the occasion of 140 years Indian migration to Suriname.

    Ranjeet Choudhary


    A native of village Bardaha in district Saharsa (Bihar), Mr Ranjeet Choudhary did his initial schooling in the steel city of Bhilai. After completing his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-BHU, he went on to complete his Masters from IIT-Delhi. Since then he has worked in different capacity in house of Siemens and is presently working as Project Manager with Siemens-Energy. Currently he stays in Frankfurt and is actively involved with various social issues, foundations and NGO’s working for Indian causes.

    Believing strongly in mantra “Together we achieve more”; Mr Choudhary intends to develop a strong collaborative team of Biharis In Europe. By blending their complementary strengths, he hopes the team to contribute to further improvement of healthcare and business environment in Bihar.

    Arvind Sinha


    Mr Arvind Sinha was born and brought up in Patna, though his father came from Sheikhpura district. Completed his Electrical engineering from BIT Sindri and joined Bhilai Steel Plant where he stayed for over a decade. A few years later, he joined CDAC and then from a steel professional, he became an IT professional and worked with the best in the world like Hughes Software Systems, General Electric and IBM and now with Atos International. Higher studies brought him to the doors of IIM Bangalore and later he joined Oxford University. He is currently working as Vice President with Atos International in Germany. In his personal time, he loves photography and traveling.