• About Us

    Bihar Fraternity (बिहार फ्रेटर्निटी) is a not-for-profit Global Forum, headquartered in Berlin (Germany), which aims

    • To get the Bihari diaspora together and share our bonding
    • To introduce Bihar to the World
    • To make positive changes in the lives of people who are still nurturing our roots in our home state

    Going forward we plan to make Bihar a global brand that is built by we Biharis. In Germany, it works as a registered Verein (e.V.).


    Padma Shri Usha Kiran Khan


    बिहार वासी! हमें अपने राज्य पर गर्व करना सीखना होगा. अपने राज्य पर गर्व करने का यह अर्थ नहीं है कि हमें देश से प्यार नहीं.

    Peter Feldmann

    Mayor, Frankfurt

    Frankfurt am Main ist eine Stadt der kulturellen Vielfalt.Menschen aus aller Welt pragen das Stadtbild.

    Ravi Shankar Prasad

    Member of Parliament

    I am imensely pleased to know that a global forum namely "Bihar Fraternity" is being launched on 26th, May, 2018 Berlin

    Dr. Kumar Vishvas

    Indian Hindi Poet

    God bless you Prakash! Positioning Bihar is just as positioning India's grace and rich history!